Theme Giant Bulb – Tulipmania

‘Flora’s wagon of fools’ after Hendrick Pot

This giant tulip bulb shows an allegorical representation of the ‘Tulip boom’ that   lasted from 1634 until 1637. The flower goddess Flora is enthroned on a triumphal chariot. She is accompanied by three men in fool’s caps:

  1. ‘Tosspot’ cannot resist drink,
  2. ‘Wealthwill’ clutches a bag of gold,
  3. ‘Lie-all’ exercises his smooth tongue.

In front of the cart, Mistress ‘Rake-it-in’ weighs her money and the bird of hope escapes Mistress ‘Vain Hope’.
The Haarlem weavers, having thrown away their equipment, are following the cart.
The chariot’s side panel reveals its fate: it will disappear in the sea.
On the back of this giant bulb, you’ll see the scales expressing the value of tulips during this period. Tulip bulbs valued more than gold. A few tulip bulbs could even buy an entire Amsterdam canal house.  In 1637 the speculation in tulips abruptly collapsed.

Reuzenbol 'Tulpmania' - Anneke van Kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Tulpmania' - Anneke van Kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Tulpmania' - Anneke van Kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Tulpmania' - Anneke van Kesteren

Artist – Anneke van Kesteren

Anneke van Kesteren (Lisse) was trained at the liberal school visual arts “Phychopolis” in The Hague from 1976 to 1980. Her major subject at the academy was the art of painting. Van Kesteren has been working as a professional artist in painting since 1981. She works mainly in oil on linen canvas. Her most important theme and inspirational source are the landscapes she has seen on trips abroad as well in her own surrounding. Landscapes of great phenomena: forest, mountains, plains, swamps, volcanic area and solitaire trees. These aspects fascinate and stimulate van Kesteren in her work.

Her work is bought by private individuals, business and institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Moolenaar B.V., Voorhout


This Giant Tulip bulb is located at Moolenaar B.V., Loosterweg 33, Voorhout