Theme Giant Bulb – Fata Normala

Wout Ruigrok likes architectural disorder in his work. Delusions in which he likes to create harmony and balance. He is always looking for the (still) unknown image. Of course, he allows the tulip to bloom on top and also on the bulb. He can’t help that as a former flower bulb grower. For him, the combination of chaos and balance is always an important starting point in his work and preferably with a lot of sky above it, so that there is room for the viewer to breathe. In this giant bulb called “Fata Normala”, you will find 31 tulips as a sign of hidden beauty in this whole. For Wout, it was the 2nd giant bulb, which he painted and it was again a joy to be able to implement this concept on such a round object.

Reuzenbol 'Fata Normala' - Wout Ruigrok
Reuzenbol 'Fata Normala' - Wout Ruigrok
Reuzenbol 'Fata Normala' - Wout Ruigrok
Reuzenbol 'Fata Normala' - Wout Ruigrok

Artist – Wout Ruigrok

Ruigrok (1954) starts to paint with oil paint when he is 11 years old and studies at the FA Schools- international. In the nineties he works and lives with his family in Southern California and wins ‘La Jolla Fine Art Price’ and receives the ‘Niche-Award’. He exhibited at: Trios Gallery, Los Manos, Escondido municipal Gallery etc.

In 2008 he starts galerie PLAN4 in Lisse together with Iet Langeveld, Dorte Rasmussen and Eliza Kopeck. In 2018 together with Iet Langeveld he buys ‘de Oude School’ (Heereweg 253, Lisse), where they work and make music.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by IAA – International Airfreight Associates B.V. , Schiphol


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at the corner of Hoofdstraat/Roodemolenweg, Sassenheim