The Netherlands is famous for cheese, windmills and tulips! Tulips have been a source of inspiration for artists worldwide. Besides cultural importance, the tulip also has brought economic prosperity. In our museum ‘De Zwarte Tulp’ in Lisse you can see how the bulb cultivation and the ‘Bollenstreek’ (bulb region) developed.

Mainly in spring the ‘Bollenstreek’ is a huge tourist attraction. With al the blooming flower fields and the flower parade, every year  hundreds of thousands of tourists visit our region. The Bollenstreek is year-round worth a visit, with historic villages, sightseeing, shops and beautiful places to stay. As an extra incentive to explore the area, Stichting Gildemeesters Bollenstreek started the ‘GIANT TULIP BULBS’ art project in 2018.

Art project

The man-sized artworks in the shape of a tulip bulb will be placed in the flower region between Leiden and Haarlem. Painted by recognized artists from the area. Bicycle routes  starting from the Museum De Zwarte Tulp in Lisse will lead people along all the bulbs. Providing color and attracting visitors year round.

With this art project Stichting Gildemeesters Bollenstreek represents and preserves the flower culture and history. By adopting a bulb you support this and all project activities, Bollenstreek promotions and the local artist community.

Adopt a Giant Bulb

Many bulbs have already been adopted, but we are still looking for more companies, municipalities, clubs, organizations or foundations to do so. The name of the organization will go on a plaque next to the bulb, along with the title, artist, and link to more information via a QR code. The costs for adoption are from € 4.900,- (excl VAT).

The project is supported by