Theme Giant Bulb – the North Sea

All life comes from the sea, even the world of plants. The North Sea has always been very important for North and South Holland. The ever-present North Sea provides energy. That is why the artist has chosen to paint the sea on the tulip bulb; life comes from the sea and gives us prosperity and pleasure!

Reuzenbol 'the Northsea' - Peter Smit
Reuzenbol 'the Northsea' - Peter Smit
Reuzenbol 'the Northsea' - Peter Smit
Reuzenbol 'the Northsea' - Peter Smit

Artist – Peter Smit

Peter Smit studied at the Academy of Visual Design and the State Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. Peter is a painter who likes to paint in the tradition of the Impressionists. There are no lines, but color spots and areas. Light and color play a leading role. Color is a very important aspect in his work, next to the loose touch. He paints with oil paint, WET IN WET, without a preliminary sketch. The result is an almost lost atmosphere, which can evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Peter feels best in capturing the moment right away. Such as on the beach, where he can ‘peep’ and ‘catch’ the bathers in their most characteristic pose.

Peter prefers to paint ‘live’ en plein air. He likes to mingle with people. He wants outside influences and is inspired by them. He paints what appears to him. Outside are the subjects; city ​​and beach and in the studio; model and portrait. Showing people from the inside, that’s what Peter depicts in his commissioned portraits

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This Giant bulb is donated to Museum Noordwijk by Stichting Gildemeesters Bollenstreek


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Museum Noordwijk, Jan Kroonsplein 4, Noordwijk.