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Theme Giant Bulb – Flora

This Giant Tulip Bulb symbolizes Flora, in Roman antiquity she was the goddess of spring and flowers. In the opinion of the artist, we could use some extra Floras in 2021, so she has given the goddesses a contemporary look. They sprinkle flowers, color and cheerfulness over our world.

Reuzenbol 'Flora' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Flora' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Flora' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Flora' - Nicoline Heemskerk

Artist – Nicoline Heemskerk

Nicoline is born in Sassenheim (1967) but lives in Warmond now, where she also has her painting studio at the Veerpolder 59. She studied drawing/painting at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam (1994-1999). Nicoline was a fulltime illustrator at the design studio of Royal Sanders in Leiden and started her own business as a professional artist/illustrator. Her work is colorful and figurative.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb has been adopted by Gasstation Jongeneel


In spring & summer this Giant Tulip Bulb is located at the departure location of  Rederij van Hulst, t.h.v. Kanaalstraat 270, Lisse
The rest of the year it is located at Gasstation de Blinkerd, Westelijke randweg 6, Lisse

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