Theme Giant Bulb – Santpoort

On this Giant Tulip Bulb you can see 3 spots, which are characteristic of the village of Santpoort.

  1. Duin en Kruidberg estate – Bought in 1635 by King Willem III. After many owners, the estate was bought in 1895 by Jacob Theodoor Cremer. After the war, the estate was leased by the family as a hotel. The hotel is located in the beautiful South Kennemerland National Park.
  2. The Ruin of Brederode – The ruin refers to the remains of Brederode Castle in Santpoort South. The castle was founded in the 2nd half of the 13th century by William I of Brederode
  3. The harness racing – Since 1752 there has been an official short track. With the short track trotting race, which are also organized in villages along the bulb route. In 2019 it was organized for the 260th time and was then also named the best in the Netherlands.
Reuzenbol 'Santpoort' - Clea Koehorst
Reuzenbol 'Santpoort' - Clea Koehorst
Reuzenbol 'Santpoort' - Clea Koehorst
Reuzenbol 'Santpoort' - Clea Koehorst

Artist – Clea Koehorst

Clea koehorst-Eichhorn is born in Haarlem and lives in the beautiful village Santpoort Noord. She works in homecare and her hobbies are painting, drawing and sculpture. Clea followed several workshops, and her work was to be found at several expositions. She mostly paints flowers, animals, nature and portraits.

Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Stichting Nelis en van Dril, Heemstede.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Brasserie Hoeve Duin en Kruidberg, Duin en kruidbergerweg 89, Santpoort.