Theme Giant bulb – Surprising Noordwijk

Noordwijk consists of 4 village centers: Noordwijk aan Zee, Noordwijk Binnen, Noordwijkerhout and De Zilk. On this Giant Tulip Bulb the artist has created a panoramic image in which the entire environment is recognizably represented. It has become a discovery bulb that you walk around and are surprised by what you see. The artist played with perspective to break through the wall of the bulb and create spaciousness. This is a bulb for all residents of the four villages and of course also for visitors to our bulb region.

Reuzenbol 'Surprising Noordwijk' - Kees Putman
Reuzenbol 'Surprising Noordwijk' - Kees Putman
Reuzenbol 'Surprising Noordwijk' - Kees Putman
Reuzenbol 'Surprising Noordwijk' - Kees Putman

Artist – Kees Putman

Kees Putman (Noordwijk 1951) attended the royal academy of art in the Hague. As long as he can remember Kees is drawing and painting. The sea is always fascinating him.It does not matter whether it is calm, rough, caressing or bashing. Heaven and earth turn the ever-moving body of water into an endless variety of hues. Sometimes a palette with modest colors, other times he uses an intriguing range of colors. Enough inspiration for a lifetime. Landscapes and human beings also continue to fascinate him. Besides a painter, he is also a filmmaker, photographer, writer, singer and poet.

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Adopted by

This Giant bulb is adopted by the city of Noordwijk

Gemeente Noordwijk


This bulb is located near the roundabout at the Langevelderweg, Noordwijkerhout