Theme Giant Bulb – Ode to the lily

The lily is the favorite flower of artist Ell Geeh. She is very proud of the fact that there are many lily growers in the bulb region. Their love and passion are reflected in the flower. The meaning of the white lily is so fitting to the shape of the flower: unity, purity, love, and femininity. How beautiful is this symbolism?

The bulb shows photos of a lily variety that was rejected during cultivation. All bulbs have been destroyed and the flower will not be found in our flower shops. Thanks to the artist’s eye for beauty, the flower has been immortalized and we now see it on this Giant Tulip Bulb. Sand from the bulb region has been added to the bulb. With this, the artist shows that the bulb sand is essential for the perfection of growth and flowering. By adding gold, she hopes for the eternity of the Bulb Region; that the region remains so special, with his flowers and top growers.

Reuzenbol 'Ode aan de lelie' - Ell Geeh
Reuzenbol 'Ode aan de lelie' - Ell Geeh
Reuzenbol 'Ode aan de lelie' - Ell Geeh
Reuzenbol 'Ode aan de lelie' - Ell Geeh

Artist – Ell Geeh

Ell Geeh is an art photographer and visual artist. She completed her study at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She always works from a well-thought-out concept, but free and casual. That is why she only uses daylight. Her specialty is artistic portrait photography. She also makes many still life’s. You can find her work throughout the Netherlands.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb has been adopted by van der Zon Export B.V. – Noordwijkerhout


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Van der Zon Export, Schulpweg 131C, Noordwijkerhout