Project Description

Theme Giant bulb – Holland-America

This Giant Tulip Bulb was painted on behalf of Frylink Noordwijkerhout, a company that has been exporting tulip bulbs since 1866. After the First World War (1914-1918), trade to the United States started. In 1945, Frylink started a product line with the brand name ‘Royal Park’. Previously mainly sold to gardeners and seed shops, they successfully developed into sales to the rapidly emerging supermarkets, by introducing attractive small packages for consumers. From the late 1960s, trade with these supermarket chains slowly declined. The supermarkets concentrated more and more on food. Non-food became less important. Only in the late 1970s trade to the United States increased again. The American mail order company Breck’s released a successful garden catalog with a wide range of flower bulbs and perennials. The individual orders are packed and shipped in the Netherlands and delivered to home by the parcel services in the USA. Even today, export to the USA is a key part of Frylink’s activities. The logistic process in the fifties is nostalgia today, but essentially unchanged…

Reuzenbol 'Holland-Amerika' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Holland-Amerika' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Holland-Amerika' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'Holland-Amerika' - anneke van kesteren

Artist – Anneke van Kesteren

Anneke van Kesteren (Lisse) was trained at the liberal school visual arts “Phychopolis” in The Hague from 1976 to 1980. Her major subject at the academy was the art of painting. Van Kesteren has been working as a professional artist in painting since 1981. She works mainly in oil on linen canvas. Her most important theme and inspirational source are the landscapes she has seen on trips abroad as well in her own surrounding. Landscapes of great phenomena: forest, mountains, plains, swamps, volcanic area and solitaire trees. These aspects fascinate and stimulate van Kesteren in her work.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Frylink, Noordwijkerhout


This Giant Tulip bulb is located at Frylink, ‘s Gravendamseweg 71, Noordwijkerhout