Theme Giant bulb – Nostalgic beach house with beach scene

Joyce van Caspel has made a nostalgic beach house out of her tulip bulb. The red and white striped curtains are painted by using the trompe-l’oeil technique (also: “the eye is deceiving”), giving the watcher a view of a sunny beach scene. A view through which everyone can recognize themselves or their family. You see people sunbathing (whose feet are behind the umbrella?), Swimming in the sea (but do you also see that dog?), walking along the tide line and children playing in the warm sand (this is a link to the public Snoezel playground SpeelzandT near Nederzandt)
The bulb region does not only concern the area where the flower fields extend, with this painting Joyce wants to indicate that the beach, sea and dunes also belong to the bulb region. Joyce lived her early years in Amsterdam, but grew up in Noordwijk and often enjoyed herself on the beach and sea with water sports. So, it was obvious that she would use the beach, sea and dune for this painting.
At the back of the globe you can see old wood with a peephole. In this peephole again you will see the lady with the yellow dress, now painted in “back view”, where she walks towards the dunes. But where are you standing as watcher? Perhaps a ship is sailing at the horizon on sea?

Joyce likes it when her work leads to research, reflection and surprise.
This also happens with the poster that she pasted on the back. This is a print of part of the grand “Panorama Tulipland” by Leo van de Ende where has been working on for 12 years. She has torn off the last piece of the work and painted the beach sea and dunes on it as a tribute to his beautiful masterpiece (and with a nod to the ‘Hoeve Groenewege’). As an extra surprise, she painted the “Noordwijkse Strandrups” as a toy for people with unlimited limitations, which drove at St (r) andplaats Nederzandt. And finally the black tulip as a link to the Museum in Lisse. It has become an exploration sphere full of grains of sand.
Enjoy it!

Reuzenbol 'Nostalgisch strandhuisje' - Joyce van Caspel
Reuzenbol 'Nostalgisch strandhuisje' - Joyce van Caspel
Reuzenbol 'Nostalgisch strandhuisje' - Joyce van Caspel
Reuzenbol 'Nostalgisch strandhuisje' - Joyce van Caspel

Artist – Joyce van Caspel

Joyce van Caspel (1970, born in Amstelveen, raised in Noordwijk) graduated in 2015 at the Amsterdams Wackers academy. Directly after graduating she won the  ‘Young Talent Award’ at the Noordwijk paintersfestival. Meanwhile she has exhibited her work in a.o. Amsterdam and Breda and her work is sold to many international artlovers through Gallery PR2. She wants to paint everything which moves her and inspires her. She always carries a sketchbook, not to miss anything.

She loves to work in het mountain studio in the Chech Republic or her cosy studio in de Kaag (NL), where she draws and paints inspired by the nature surrounding her. But she is mainly known for her nudes and portraits. She is also passionate for modeling, sculpting, playing the piano and singing.

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Adopted by

This Giant bulb is adopted by beachhouse Nederzandt in Noordwijk


This bulb will be located at beachhouse Nederzandt
Langevelderslag 36-56, Noordwijk