Theme Giant Bulb – DNA (1)

For this project Matsumoto has gotten into the history of the flower bulbs. To her surprise DNA played a big role in this and in particular the mosaic virus, that in the early 17th century led to decay of the DNA. With as a result the beautiful flamed pieces. Actually, sick tulips. But only lines on the large bulbs, were not satisfying enough for the artist, the deviation in the DNA had to look like organic forms, living their own live.

Reuzenbol 'DNA 1' - Ruri Matsumoto
Reuzenbol 'DNA 1' - Ruri Matsumoto
Reuzenbol 'DNA 1' - Ruri Matsumoto
Reuzenbol 'DNA 1' - Ruri Matsumoto

Artist – Ruri Matsumoto

Ruri Matsumoto was born in Tokyo but studied at the art academy in Düsseldorp. Her paintings and installations characterize themselves by the patterns of colors and lines, by which she wants to shape historic places and monuments. In her recent work she uses new ordination, the famous lines of the DNA. Within this ordination are innumerable possibilities, virtual possibilities that is. In the real world there are no straight lines and pure colors, the real world is a series of frayed edges, that Matsumoto shows us in her work.

Her art works can be found in famous international museums and collections.

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Ruri Matsumoto

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This Giant bulb is adopted by Parkmanagement Vereniging De President, Hoofddorp


This Giant Bulb is located at the roundabout Spoorlaan/Johan Enschedélaan in Hoofddorp, but is not a part of the cycling route.