Theme Giant Bulb – Madame Lefeber

As long as the daredevil has dreams, there is a possibility to realize them. Well-rooted ideas grow with dedication into a realized dream in bloom. They will sprout from the head and reach heaven like tall trees. Bubble-blowing windcatchers create their own bubble facing the storm.

Supported by critical air currents, the ideas will spread. Soaring hot air balloons reduce Red Square to a dot on the horizon. A traveling bulb can get rid of mountains but will remain wild in nature. Once entwined with Dutch sobriety, it will manifest itself elsewhere as fields full of ennobled dreams.

Thus, the dreamer imagines himself in the future until the present takes place. The birth of a dream will reveal itself as a savior angel. Stubborn embodiment of long cherished wishes with quite a head on it. The largest and reddest with wild blood in the massive crop.

The young flower in the prime of her life was quite one for me. With father time by her side, she conquered the world and was soon known as Madame Lefeber. The child of the founder who could build on his dreams. Wonderful blueprint for the warm nest of the dreamer in bulb shed D.W.Lefeber.

Reuzenbol 'Madame Lefeber' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'Madame Lefeber' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'Madame Lefeber' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'Madame Lefeber' - Sjoerd Blokker

Artist – Sjoerd Blokker

As a self-taught artist, Sjoerd Blokker (1982) has developed a completely quirky style. His work is created intuitively to bring his innerworld to the surface. He plays with the association of colors, structures and lines. Contrasts between realism and abstraction create a surreal style. A dream experience in which the mind determines the boundary of what is. Precisely because nothing is, everything can be. It is like a journey of discovery in which nothing is what it seems. What you thought you saw in the work turns out to be changeable and flows into a completely different image. Sjoerd Blokker searches for the boundaries of the mind and strives to create a feeling of hallucinations.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb has been adopted bij Stichting D.W. Lefeber Memory 1894-1979


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located in the garden of Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse.

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