Theme Giant Bulb – Four Seasons

Our region is known in the whole world from the beautiful bulb fields. What many do not know is that more is grown in the ‘Bollenstreek’ than just spring bloomers. This Giant Tulip Bulb takes the viewer on a journey through the seasons, from early spring with the Snowdrops, through the Narcissus, Hyacinths, Tulips, and other bulbous plants to the Peonies in May. The Sunflowers and Gladiolus symbolize summer and Dahlias are the last flowers in the fall after which the fields are planted again and then disappear under a blanket of straw against the winter cold.

Reuzenbol 'Vier Seizoenen' - Leontine vd Klugt
Reuzenbol 'Vier Seizoenen' - Leontine vd Klugt
Reuzenbol 'Vier Seizoenen' - Leontine vd Klugt
Reuzenbol 'Vier Seizoenen' - Leontine vd Klugt

Artist – Leontine van der Klugt

Leontine van der Klugt (Noordwijkerhout) paints Murals on location and has her own atelier where she uses techniques as screen printing or mixed media to make paintings on Perspex or paper. She also works with wax and ashes. Ashes that come from normal fire or BBQ but also with ashes of deceased. This way, she is able to create a beautiful memory for relatives. She is still developing herself by following Masterclasses several times a year. Not only because she wishes to become a better Artist; she wants to astonish people. there’s so much beauty around us… And when you do you work with so much pleasure that a workday can’t be long enough, why bother doing something else?

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Tulip Experience Amsterdam
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