Theme Giant bulb – Dutch Pour Flowers

Using a new technique called ‘Pouring Medium’, Mary creates fantasy flowers; colorful, cheerful and outstanding!

With the pouring medium technique you make acrylic paint liquid by means of Add water and other liquids (medium), so that the paint can mix, without all the colors creating a mud puddle. There are all kinds of different techniques, with which you get different results. You never know what will come out and that makes it exciting and each piece very unique. The techniques that Mary has used are: Dutch Pour where you use a hair dryer to blow out the paint and the Swipe technique, where you use damp kitchen roll paper to mix the paint.

Reuzenbol 'Dutch Pour Medium' - Mary Willemsen
Reuzenbol 'Dutch Pour Medium' - Mary Willemsen
Reuzenbol 'Dutch Pour Medium' - Mary Willemsen
Reuzenbol 'Dutch Pour Medium' - Mary Willemsen

Artist – Mary Willemsen

The mother of Mary Willemsen (Voorhout) was an artist. She painted in the “Old Masters” style, like Rembrandt, and introduced Mary to painting when she was seven years old. At that time, she was probably too young though to be touched by it. She worked as a Stewardess for KLM for 16 years before she started to paint in 2001. She started with painting lessons as a hobby first but got caught up by the special feeling that overcame her while painting; being at ease, satisfaction and balance. To refine her technical painting skills, she was trained by Bob Tomanovic who works with perceptions of light and spiritual themes.

He taught her to bring “order in chaos” by using refined techniques. The lessons she learned began with a figurative form of concept, but sometimes the easiest way to begin is just to dip the brush into the paint. In both situations she noticed that working from her intuition, she can even surprise herself.  Afterwards she sees forms in her piece she did not paint consciously. Forms that she did not think about managed to find their way onto the surface of the canvas. And people see in it what they want to see. This in turns allows her pieces to, not only be exclusive for her, but it also grants a personal meaning to the viewer.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Menken Beheer, Noordwijkerhout


This Giant Bulb is located in front of the office of Menken Beheer, Heereweg 466, Lisse.

*) at this moment the bulb is not at his location because of repair