Theme Giant bulb – Color the world

This Giant Tulip Bulb titled “Color the World” is painted in the pink color Flower Flush and inspired by the colors of the bulb region. Our flower region is known all over the world for the beautiful colored fields in spring. For Caroline it was logical that her Giant bulb had to be an experience of flowers and a lot of Color! The flowers are painted in their own way, like a flower ribbon dancing across the globe. This giant bulb stands for: Spring, Color and Luck, but above all Happiness, because that is what you are supposed to become when you see this work of Art.

Reuzenbol 'Color the world' - Caroline Glas
Reuzenbol 'Color the world' - Caroline Glas
Reuzenbol 'Color the world' - Caroline Glas
Reuzenbol 'Color the world' - Caroline Glas

Artist – Caroline Glas

Caroline is self-taught but has a great passion for painting. She grew up in the bulb region and is living for years in the village Lisse. She lives and works in “Het Heerenhuis” where she has her own studio and art gallery. By working in the flower region, she is automatically inspired by all the colors around her, which is reflected in all her works.

She has mastered various techniques and works in different styles. Currently she works with a mixed media of photography and painting, which results in exciting colorful combinations. She sold her work at people in different countries, so there is already a piece of the bulb region in many places of the world.

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Caroline Glas

Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by De Vrije Blick Vastgoed, Breda


This bulb is located at Monsieur Angenentlaan, Warmond