Project Description

Theme Giant bulb – Around Katwijk

People. Mariska is fascinated by people. The story without words. It is precisely because of this silence, that there is much more to discover. People on the move. Hikers, cyclists, travellers on their way. Looking at people unconsciously and quickly gives a recognition. This can be an experience that bubbles up in your world of thought or an agreement, that you have seen somewhere before. Usually there is no time to reflect on this. By painting someone on the canvas or in this case on a tulip bulb, time stands still for a moment. As a result, there is plenty of room to study the work in search of your personal associations. Our story is visible, through recognition in the other. Because the bulbs are placed near a cycle route, Mariska has especially chosen for a cyclist, a moped; in any case transport on 2 wheels. Many travellers can be seen on the Boulevard in Katwijk, where Mariska lives. These people with their story without words are her source of inspiration. She combined them with a characteristic symbol of Katwijk aan Zee; the lighthouse.

Reuzenbol 'Rondje Katwijk' - Mariska de Kok
Reuzenbol 'Rondje Katwijk' - Mariska de Kok
Reuzenbol 'Rondje Katwijk' - Mariska de Kok
Reuzenbol 'Rondje Katwijk' - Mariska de Kok

Artist – Mariska de Kok

Mariska de Kok is an enthusiastic artist with a specialty in portrait painting. Mariska’s portraits are distinguished by the fact that the emotion of the model is “captured” on canvas. Mariska has already painted many portraits from young to old and for various clients. In addition to portraits, Mariska also makes free work inspired by the beach and the people who stay there. In her studio on the Boulevard in Katwijk aan Zee there are weekly painting and drawing courses and, in the summer, she gives workshops on the beach.

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Adopted by

The Giant Tulip bulb is adopted bij Campsite ‘Zuidduinen’, Katwijk


This Giant Tulip bulb is located at campsite ‘Zuidduinen’, Zuidduinseweg 1, Katwijk