Theme Giant bulb – Spring spectacular

Two figures dance merrily through the tulip fields. “Tiptoeing through the Tulips.” Full of life and love they celebrate spring. He holds an orange tulip to his heart, symbolic for Holland. She has a yellow tulip, as her heart is full of California sunshine. Tulips fly around the couple, landing on the other side. Spotlight on the famous black tulip. Also known as the Queen of Night, the black tulip is the showgirl of the tulip family. Lifted to greatness by orange tulip wings. She is center stage, with flowers of worldwide appreciation at her feet.

Reuzenbol 'spring spectucular' - donna corbani
Reuzenbol 'spring spectucular' - donna corbani
Reuzenbol 'spring spectucular' - donna corbani
Reuzenbol 'spring spectucular' - donna corbani

Artist – Donna Corbani

Donna Corbani was born in Santa Barbara, California. After her Fine Arts study at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she followed her heart to Zandvoort. Corbani has more than 300 exhibitions to her name internationally. I.e. Sikkema Jenkins Gallery New York, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, Keukenhof Lisse, GO Gallery Amsterdam, Galerie Rogier Jonk in Bergen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and in the permanent collection of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Public artworks in Zandvoort around the train station and on the Boulevard de Favauge.

Donna: “My preference is uplifting art. I capture beautiful moments in a minimalistic way. A sensation or strong emotion. Some experiences are precious and special. Then I am only aware of the here and now. Those are the moments I want to share. Colorful, sleek, and extremely precise in oil paint. ” The characteristic line figures with spiral face are also available in sculpture form. The same smooth lines rendered in materials such as bronze, aluminum and steel are made in her studio in Zandvoort

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Vegro Careproducts B.V.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located in front of the building of Vegro, Vennestraat 13, Lisse