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Theme Giant Tulip Bulb – Veldzicht

Streekmuseum Veldzicht is located in Noordwijk between the bulb fields. For that reason, the artist has chosen to paint tulips on the bulb. And then specifically the tulip, as it can be seen in the logo of the museum. On the Giant Tulip Bulb you will also find lavender, chives and some other herbs, this fits well with the beautiful place in the middle of the herb garden where it is placed. The black-headed cows stand between the dandelions and clover in the grass, they are painted nostalgically with horns, but also with a modern yellow ear tag. The numbers in the ear tags are the dates of completion of the painting and the date of the unveiling of the Giant Tulip Bulb.

Reuzenbol 'Veldzicht' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Veldzicht' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Veldzicht' - Nicoline Heemskerk
Reuzenbol 'Veldzicht' - Nicoline Heemskerk

Artist – Nicoline Heemskerk

Nicoline is born in Sassenheim (1967) but lives in Warmond now, where she also has her painting studio at the Veerpolder 59. She studied drawing/painting at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam (1994-1999). Nicoline was a fulltime illustrator at the design studio of Royal Sanders in Leiden and started her own business as a professional artist/illustrator. Her work is colorful and figurative.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Streekmuseum Veldzicht, Noordwijk.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at museum Veldzicht, Herenweg 114, Noordwijk.