Theme Giant Bulb – At the deer

Fallow deer are painted on this Giant Tulip Bulb as they can also be seen at garden center ‘Hulsebosch bij de Hertjes’. The company is located in the area that used to consist of low dunes and beach plains. This is also the scenery painted on the bulb. The coast and dunes moved inland from the ice age to Sassenheim-Lisse-Hillegom. These villages are located on the oldest coastal dunes, namely those from 3800 BC. The originally infertile soil of the low dunes turned out to be extremely suitable for bulb cultivation in the later centuries. To a large extent, these dunes have therefore been excavated. (The so-called sand rows).

On the other side of the sphere, Narsissus ‘Jetfire’ and Muscari are painted, which are grown by Hulsebosch and are the pride of the company. From the company there is a view of the water tower of Hillegom, a striking landmark in the region.

Reuzenbol 'bij de hertjes' - Sonja van Egmond
Reuzenbol 'bij de hertjes' - Sonja van Egmond
Reuzenbol 'bij de hertjes' - Sonja van Egmond
Reuzenbol 'bij de hertjes' - Sonja van Egmond

Artist – Sonja van Egmond

Sonja van Egmond (Leiden, 1970) is a visual artist and photographer. Painting and photography; her love and feeling for image are expressed in these art forms and in the assignments she carries out. With respect, casual and pure. Themes of stillness, transience, austerity and nature play a role in her free work. Painting assignments, specializing in the animal portrait, are carried out in the studio at home: Het Keukenatelier in Sassenheim. Workshops, drawing and painting lessons are also given at this location. Sonja completed her education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and then followed various courses and masterclasses

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Hulsebosch bij de Hertjes.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Hulsebosch, Veenenburgerlaan 73A, Hillegom.