Theme Giant Bulb – The Black Tulip

This Giant Tulip Bulb is inspired by the painting ‘Escape from Criticism’ from 1874 by the Spanish-Catalan painter Pere Borrell del Caso. Here an amazed boy steps out of the golden bulb, by which the first Black Tulip has finally arrived.

Artist - John Wassenaar

From childhood until now, John has always followed creative courses. In addition to his profession as a graphic technician and art collection manager, he started painting as a hobby. Although he still considers it a hobby, he has developed into a professional and we can definitely call him an artist due to his craftsmanship. John's paintings are seen as products of a fine painter, realist, hyperrealist, surrealist or magical realist.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb has been adopted by mr. Philippo, Kentucky, USA


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located in Kentucky, USA