Theme Giant Bulb – People around the world

During the Covid-19 period the whole world was in the hold of isolation, restrictions and distance. We where aloud to: work at home, stay with our close relatives and in our spare time go outside. Especially being outside into nature became more attractive as ever before. All the things we took for granted like going to a museum or a movie where suddenly no longer possible. On this Giant Tulip Bulb all people can come close again. Regardless of religion, background, young or old, rich or poor. Everybody is aloud to visit our area to see the colored fields of tulips, to visit Keukenhof or simply enjoy staying here. They are breaking free out of their isolation, out of their shell of precious metal. The portraits are surrounded by gold because tulips are linked with our history of wealth, gold because in times of crisis people feel the need to seek for something that is stable. Besides that the artist continues to amaze herself about what nature gives us. That from such as simple and small object, like a tulip bulb beautiful flowers can grow. That vigor and diversity is amazing. This brings us back to the eleven portraits painted. We to are made out of seed, unique, pure and beautiful with the same strength to survive.

Reuzenbol 'People around the world' - Nanette Heijnen
Reuzenbol 'People around the world' - Nanette Heijnen
Reuzenbol 'People around the world' - Nanette Heijnen
Reuzenbol 'People around the world' - Nanette Heijnen

Artist – Nanette Heijnen

Nanette paints in oil and acryl. For her portraits she often uses soft pastels As a visual artist her senses are always on edge. Because of this her subjects are very divers. She paints nudes, animals, stillife and landscapes. Painting persons are her favorites. In each painting she dares herself not only to paint a nice looking picture but to find the deeper layers. Every person is unique, what makes that person who she is? In her technique in oil paint She uses thin layers one way but often she uses a palette knife or a mix between them.  With this she pushes herself  to work more in an impressionistic style.

Always recognizable is her palette of colors. Exploring and renewing is what makes being an artist fascinating. During this process to lose track of time, feeling no hunger or thirst, is a fantastic sensation. Above all she wants to make art that stands out. It must have a soul, must be drenched with ‘life’ in all ups and down, with light and darkness. Besides her own work she attends art retreats, art classes and workshops. For businesses and individuals at request.

‘The best part of living is not just surviving but thriving with passion and compassion’

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