Theme Giant Bulb – From your scoop of egg

Flowering region where bulbs form the daily bread.
A warm nest where people know how to scale life.
There they bury an egg filled with wishes.
So that they will all come true.

The result is the sum of scents and colors.
Flowers are divided, bulbs multiplied.
People peel and crawl to stand on their own two feet.
Continuous growth.

A child’s hand is quickly filled with blisters.
Bills as a plaster on the wound.
Half work will not heal.
Calluses are priceless.

Traces of old age on green fingers with a mourning edge.
Time flies since the railway crossed the barge.
Full of wishes I seize the day, have resigned myself to it and bury it in the sand.
Sunbeams will again merge with lines in the fields.

As in jobs with perspective.

Reuzenbol 'From your scoop of egg' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'From your scoop of egg' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'From your scoop of egg' - Sjoerd Blokker
Reuzenbol 'From your scoop of egg' - Sjoerd Blokker

Artist – Sjoerd Blokker

As a self-taught artist, Sjoerd Blokker (1982) has developed a completely quirky style. His work is created intuitively to bring his innerworld to the surface. He plays with the association of colors, structures and lines. Contrasts between realism and abstraction create a surreal style. A dream experience in which the mind determines the boundary of what is.

Precisely because nothing is , everything can be.

It is like a journey of discovery in which nothing is what it seems. What you thought you saw in the work turns out to be changeable and flows into a completely different image. Sjoerd Blokker searches for the boundaries of the mind and strives to create a feeling of hallucinations.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Rabobank Bollenstreek.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at SBIC (Space Business Inovation Centre), Kapteynstraat 1, Noordwijk.