Theme Giant Bulb – The bulb shed

This is an ode to the bulb shed. Bulb sheds are built as a storage and working space for bulb growers. In the past, the flower bulbs were dried on wooden racks in the shed. Most of the barn was therefore used. There was also a workspace for peeling, sorting and packaging the bulbs, as well as an office for management and administration. Bulb sheds are iconic elements in the cultural-historical heritage of the Dune and Bulb region. They are inextricably linked to the sand farm landscape, with its bulb fields, straight sand ditches and hedges and thus form the legacy of the rich past of flower bulb cultivation. This Giant bulb depicts a bulb shed that is bursting from its skin.

Reuzenbol 'de bolle(n)schuur' - Simon Balyon
Reuzenbol 'de bolle(n)schuur' - Simon Balyon
Reuzenbol 'de bolle(n)schuur' - Simon Balyon
Reuzenbol 'de bolle(n)schuur' - Simon Balyon

Artist – Simon Balyon

Born in 1965 in The Hague, The Netherlands, Simon grew up in an artistic environment. He is the youngest of seven children. Several of his siblings have become highly acclaimed artists and graphic designers. It was not a surprise that Simon developed a passion for painting at an early age. Simon’s artwork is influenced by the impressionistic and romantic schools. He has long studied the Masters in many European museums and his interest includes the painters from The Hague School. His love for nature is reflected in his paintings. The compositions of his winter landscapes, summer landscapes and beach scenes reflect the beauty of nature in a special way.

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This Giant Bulb is adopted by the flower bulb company ‘de Tulperij


The Giant bulb is located at ‘de Tulperij’
Oude Herenweg 16B, 2215 RZ Voorhout