Project Description

Theme Giant Bulb – World(flower)bulb

Royal De Ree Holland B.V. considers the Bulb region as the largest show garden of the flower bulb sector. They work with nature and pass it on. They do this by exporting flower bulbs all over the world. These flowers bring a lot of color and joy to people’s gardens. They do this with an eye for the world, which is literally painted on the Giant Tulip Bulb.

Reuzenbol 'World(flower)bulb' - Jan Hogervorst

Artist - Jan Hogervorst

Jan Hogervorst has lived in Lisse (De Engel) all his life. He has always worked in the hospitality industry and has been retired for three years. This gave him more time to pick up his hobby: painting and drawing. He has enjoyed this a lot since his school days, but never really had time to do anything with it. Painting and drawing is his passion and he does this with great pleasure and enthusiasm. He actually paints everything he likes and does that on commission.

Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Royal De Ree Holland, Lisserbroek


This Giant Bulb will is located in front of the office of Royal de Ree, Lisserbroekerweg 60, Lisserbroek