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Theme Giant Bulb – Smile

On this bulb you will find 3 scenes, which the inhabitants of this region (de Bollenstreek) see a lot in the spring season. When the daffodils, the hyacinths and the tulips are in bloom, everybody wants a picture or a selfie from these fields of gold. On the horizon you see buildings, typical for the region; like the ruïne van Teylingen, a windmill and house ‘Dever’ in Lisse.

On this bulb Lisette used the technique of collage. The human beings you see have not been painted, but made out of pieces of paper. When you come closer, you discover all kinds of photo’s and text, related to the Bollenstreek (bulb region). Stories about the villages, the musea (LAM lisse, museum de Zwarte Tulp) and other tourist attractions (de Tulperij, House Dever, Keukenhof, Ruïne van Teylingen, the Flowerparade etc.). And of course you can see a lot of pictures of flowers. This bulb tells you a story, if you look closely enough!

Reuzenbol 'Smile' - Lisette Hogewoning
Reuzenbol 'Smile' - Lisette Hogewoning
Reuzenbol 'Smile' - Lisette Hogewoning

Artist – Lisette Hogewoning

Artist Lisette Hogewoning (1972) makes personal paper-art paintings. A collage is a form of art, which uses images and words from others, to create a new composition. Lisette uses photo’s, images and texts, all related to the subject. From a distance you see an image, but if you come closer, you discover all the details and the story, that is being told. Lisette was educated at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam.

Lisette has won many (incentive) awards and in 2019 one of her paintings had the honor to be exhibited in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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