Theme Giant bulb – Retrospect

On this Giant bulb you can see an anamorphosis flashback of the former harbour of Lisse.
Take position in the central axis of this painting and all the curved lines will fall into place and will give you an undistorted view.

The transport of the bulbs to the bulb auction of Lisse used to be over water. Both auction houses were after all situated at the canal, where the bulbs were traded. With the introduction of the truck, the harbour became unnecessary, so it was muted in 1963. What’s left now is an ugly parking place. Who knows this ‘retrospect’ will inspire the local government to build an underground parking lot there and restore the beautiful harbour of Lisse!

Reuzenbol 'terugblik' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'terugblik' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'terugblik' - anneke van kesteren
Reuzenbol 'terugblik' - anneke van kesteren

Artist – Anneke van Kesteren

Anneke van Kesteren (Lisse) was trained at the liberal school visual arts “Phychopolis” in The Hague from 1976 to 1980. Her major subject at the academy was the art of painting. Van Kesteren has been working as a professional artist in painting since 1981. She works mainly in oil on linen canvas. Her most important theme and inspirational source are the landscapes she has seen on trips abroad as well in her own surrounding. Landscapes of great phenomena: forest, mountains, plains, swamps, volcanic area and solitaire trees. These aspects fascinate and stimulate van Kesteren in her work.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Novèns accountants Lisse


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located in front of Novèns Accountants, Grachtweg 73A, Lisse