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Theme Giant Bulb – Butterflies

The first time Anita van Diemen from Lisse had a tulip bulb in her hands she was nine years old. During the summer holidays, she went with her mother to peel bulbs. An extra penny was very welcome in the family. After peeling bulbs, they cycled past rows of butterfly bushes and Anita and her mother would always stop for a while. After a day in the bulb barn, it was wonderful to watch the cheerfulness of the dancing butterflies. For this project, Anita wanted to paint something recognizable for all ages. Butterflies are not only beautiful to see, they also capture the imagination. The butterfly can be found in all kinds of cultures around the world and has multiple symbolic and proverbial meanings. For Anita, butterflies are a reminder of that one moment with her mother. The shrubs full of butterflies along the bike path are long gone, and that is why Anita would like to record her memory with her artificial bulbs. On the Giant Bulb, the dancing blue butterflies form a nice contrast with the warm red-orange hue of the tulip fields near her house.

Reuzenbol 'Butterflies' - Anita van Diemen
Reuzenbol 'Butterflies' - Anita van Diemen
Reuzenbol 'Butterflies' - Anita van Diemen
Reuzenbol 'Butterflies' - Anita van Diemen

Artist – Anita van Diemen

Visual artist Anita van Diemen, born in Den Helder and raised in Lisse, likes to look for boundaries. Thinking about the material with which she works, Anita is always looking for layering and alienation, the surprising effect in her work. She wants the image to be intriguing enough to touch people and let them imagine their own story. After successfully completing her professional training at the Haarlem Leiden Art Academy, Anita continues creating art on a daily basis in her studio on the Heereweg in Lisse. Anita loves mixed techniques and does not care about fixed traditions. She likes surprises and is absolutely not averse to innovation. Experimenting with materials and continuously making discoveries characterize her creativity and resourceful character. Her work creates a fascinating layering of images that merge into each other. She seeks the contradiction between graphic elements and organic forms.

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This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by the city of Hillegom


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at Boerderijwinkel Elsbroekerwei, Leidsestraat 189, Hillegom