Project Description

Theme Giant Bulb – Flower Bulb Inspection Service

This Giant Tulip Bulb tells the story of the BKD. Since 1923, the inspection of flower bulbs has been the core task of the Flower Bulb Inspection Service (BKD) in Lisse. This is done through field inspections, laboratory research and import and export inspections. BKD promotes the quality of flower bulbs, supports market access and provides national and international guarantees for the quality of flower bulbs. BKD is therefore an important link in the flower bulb sector.

Reuzenbol 'Bloembollenkeuringsdienst' - Lisette Hogewoning
Reuzenbol 'Bloembollenkeuringsdienst' - Lisette Hogewoning
Reuzenbol 'Bloembollenkeuringsdienst' - Lisette Hogewoning
Reuzenbol 'Bloembollenkeuringsdienst' - Lisette Hogewoning

Artist – Lisette Hogewoning

Lisette Hogewoning paints, draws and makes paper-art portraits. She was educated at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam. Lisette has won many (incentive) awards and in 2019 one of her paper-art paintings had the honor to be exhibited in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

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Adopted by

This Giant Tulip Bulb is adopted by Bloembollenkeuringsdienst (Flower Bulb Inspection Service), Lisse.


This Giant Tulip Bulb is located at de Bloembollenkeuringsdienst, Zwartelaan 2, Lisse.